"It is indeed possible to have a “new lease on life” at 80 and 84"

I am 84. I thought I would be too old to do this, or for it to be effective for me, at my age. 

I have reduced 31” and 11kg. It is such fun to feel how light I feel. 
My arms feel light! My legs feel lighter! My hands move better! My taste buds are awake again. Everything tastes so much better! 
My eyes are no longer watering all the time. My mind is awake again. I can honestly think about foods and decide, not with will, not with force, not with regret, but with clarity. I am free to choose. 
My husband says the same. 
My Food Devil and Food Angel have had some very active rounds during these weeks. 
I now ask my body, Do you/I /we want this food? And I know a clear answer. Ice cream has been my nemesis, fully embedded in my system as reward, dating back to early childhood. I can actually think about ice cream now, think about eating it, and know with absolute clarity that it is just simply not right. My gut informs me Nope! Not good. My closet is a new treasure trove. So much to choose from! 

And! For years now I have not been able to digest salad. 

A few weeks into WildFit I said, “Let’s try a salad.” What joy!! Every single night we have a huge salad, oil and lemon dressing, olives, artichoke hearts, avocado, toasted sunflower seeds. We love it!! What an amazing find WildFit is! 

My husband is 80, I am 84, we have done the WildFit journey together which has been totally wonderful for us. We have supported and encouraged one another from Day 1 to Day 90, today. And onward. 
There is no going back now that we have discovered WildFit Living. He has done as remarkably well as I have. We enjoy sharing our new awareness, day by day. Neither one of us has been a good cook. 

We have done the processed food route, take out, prepared foods. Nay! never no more! 

We are now putting together a book of WildFit recipes and making a weekly menu plan so that we are confident moving forward. We have made a calendar with our seasons, a bit different from one another. 
We will stay in the WildFit community where we have been quietly steadily learning every day. 

Thank you, Eric, for your profound engagement and for your profoundly clever way of guiding us to successfully complete a journey that we had both quietly given up on. It is indeed possible to have a “new lease on life” at 80 and 84. 
We are deeply grateful to you and your entire team who all carry your knowledge and your dedication. 

We have not lived simple lives. We have both worked all over the world, received awards for our work, separately and together, again now just two weeks ago in Nigeria, and one would think we were clever enough with all that experience to know how to handle food. Not so! Until now. 
WildFit is one of THE best things we have ever done. 

Rosi and Helge Lovdal (Rosi- American Bahamian Norwegian and Helge -Norwegian )

Rosi Lovdal

Entrepreneur, Business Woman, worked with women's business organizations in different countries

Oslo, Norway

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