"It has been one of the greatest life-changing times of my life"

A friend of mine shared the 80 minute introductory clip and I said I have got to change my life. 

I was 238 pounds and not feeling good about myself. I started on the quest and have never looked back. I actually paid for my parents, and a few others to go on their quest as well. 

I’m now down almost 38 pounds, but that is not really what I have focused on. It’s the dropping almost 2 pant sizes. Getting all the compliments on conference calls saying boy has your face changed. Looks like your losing a lot of weight. 

I have traveled a few times during the quest so that was a challenge but drinking a lot of water and pre-making the alkagizer and cooked meats to snack on made the challenge so much easier. I still feel like I have more to lose and plan on running through the quest again after living wild fit for 4 weeks. I’m going to do this to really anchor all of the concepts since I am sure I have missed some. There is an abundance of new information to digest along the way but it has been one of the greatest life-changing times of my life. Thank you to Eric and the staff

Jeff kotcamp


Palm beach gardens, United States

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Debbie Catania


Mililani Town, United States


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Stephanie Smith

Compliance Process Specialist

Castlegar, Canada


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Sarah Beach

Dental Practitioner

Brisbane, Australia

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