"I no longer carry medicines with me because I no longer have those crippling stomachaches"

Life shouldn't be lived in fear of sudden debilitating pain or of not having the medicines to do anything about it. 

I've lived with stomach pains since I was maybe 13. I've been in and out of doctors' clinics and hospitals for decades. The latest round of tests were in 2019. They drew out so much blood for so many tests that it looked like I was donating blood in little vials. I was poked, prodded, scanned with instruments and machines. And what did they find? Nothing. They did give me prescriptions for expensive medicines as well as a a very long list of food that I was not to eat. 

The third week of February this year, I had another one of those epic stomachaches that several medicines couldn't calm. It got to the point where my husband was getting ready to take me to the ER. Pre pandemic, there would not have been any hesitation. I would have already been admitted. So there I was, in extreme pain, when I remembered Christie Marie Sheldon's instruction to ask. "What would it take to be free of this pain?", I groaned to myself. 

My husband who was hovering over me, anxious because he couldn't help me, replied, "Shall we brave the crowds at the ER?" Fortunately, a new medicine my son prescribed for me finally started to work. I got relief, but I still kept thinking of my question.
 That question, I believe, was answered the following day when I saw the Mindvalley invite to Eric Edmeades' Masterclass on Wildfit. 

Before attending, I looked him up on YouTube, the way any half-serious person would. He's a great storyteller. His stories and his insights into what and how humans should eat convinced me that my stomach problems could be solved simply by eating the right foods. The program is expensive, but it paid for itself in the relief I found just 5 weeks into its 13 weeks. 

Well, Week 5 was when I noticed that I hadn't had any stomach issues since we started. 
Today, I no longer carry medicines with me because I no longer have those crippling stomachaches. I've also ditched my hypertension medicines because my blood pressure is normal. As a bonus, I've released weight equivalent to two hand-carry luggage and am back at my "wedding weight".
However, as with anything good, there is a downside to the Wildfit program. Now I have to buy new clothes and even new shoes since nothing fits anymore. What a bother. 😁😆


Business owner

Cebu City, Philippines

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