"I'm hoping that this weight issue will be solved with your program"

"I'm hoping that this weight issue will be solved with your program"

The reason I enrolled to WildFit, is that since many months now, I'm stuck with my weight. Even having a quite healthy eating habits and lifestyle, I think, the weigh is not decreasing. Even eating less, nothing happen, or maybe for 1 day or so. Am I eating wrongly? Is it due to hormonale changes because of my age? Do I need to walk more (I hate to run)? As a yoga teacher, I'm doing yoga, breathing exercises and meditation every day, but this weight is not coming down. Also, my body shape is changing. I get scared when I saw the picture of my back with those terrible handles and my son 15, who took the picture, made me notice it and said that I should do something... I recognise, it is difficult for me to leave that bite of chocolate with my coffee without sugar, every day. Could it be that? Really, I'm hoping that this weight issue will be solved with your program and I'm very looking forward to it, even though I'm "scared" that I will be able to manage it!

Nathalie Sofia

Yoga instructor

Singapore, Singapore

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I m 5'9" and weighed in at 284. My blood glucose numbers averaged around 300. The course will be over May 1 so I know there will be more gains ..and today ... I am 265 (a 20 lb drop) my blood glucose is in the 100 range and I am totally off all diabetes medications.
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Marsha Adams

Retired Master of my Universe

Livonia, United States


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Donna With

United States


"I now feel totally responsible for and in control of my own health"

My 7 year old daughter came to me the other day and said she wanted to eat healthily like me (it may not have lasted long, but it's in her consciousness!). Who would have thought at the start of the challenge that I would have come to love my energiser so much!
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Tony Dickinson


London, United Kingdom

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