"I have the tools to achieve greater health"

"I have the tools to achieve greater health"

Before this quest I had dis not think about the history of my issues with certain foods. I also didn't focus on how I really do experience some discomfort after eating certain foods. This really emerged through the quest and now I have the knowledge to choose what I eat based on how it will affect me. I have the tools to achieve greater health. I didn't release a lot of weight but I definitely experienced changes.

Michelle Rozsypal

Financial advisor

Downers Grove, United States

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“I am down 15 pounds and 12.5 inches”

I am down 15 pounds and 12.5 inches. I lost my menopause belly, yes!!!I feel good, I sleep like a log, I am mentally sharp, I can wake up and ready to go ( all my life I had difficulty getting up at 05:45 am, I would snooze 2-3 times), my hair and nails are growing instead of falling or breaking,...
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Diane Larouche

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"I love the way the program is structured"

These 90 days had been amazing for me. I learnt a ton of stuff from Eric and I have a new accountability partner who stays in Singapore as well. I love the way the program is structured and it allowed me to follow the program consistently. Slowly and steadily.
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Joe Loo

PE teacher

Singapore, Singapore


"I was very impressed by Eric‘s explanations"

I was very impressed by Eric‘s explanations and his thorough research and that alone made it even easier to follow the program to a T. I was very strict with the program. I never had measurement success but I did have success in the way my clothes were feeling and the way that my body was looking.
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Jacqueline Ricks

Own rental properties

Orono, United States

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