"I have never eaten so many vegetables during my whole life"

"I have never eaten so many vegetables during my whole life"

This is one of the best quests in Mindvalley. I’ve never thought about the food in such a deep manner. I have never eaten so many vegetables during my whole life and now I realized that it is really important for our body and our health. 
This program has already changed my lifestyle. My huge thanks to Eric and Mindvalley platform. 
This is the best platform in the world.Thanks❤️❤️❤️

Nino Pilpani


Tbilisi, Georgia

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"I can't speak highly enough for this"

I signed up for the Wildfit 90 day challenge because I am a 73 years young woman who wants to live to a healthy 100 years, and I wanted to release some weight. But I left with so much more. I learned how to “optimize and improve” my health. I learned how to give my body what it needs....
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Karen Reynolds

NPO Management Inc., President/Owner

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


"The program taught me to watch my emotions and food industry messaging"

I followed as closely as I could and lost more than 11 lbs. I feel so much better with nearly no gastric reflux and have clarity in my mind and focus and energy each day and sleep well...
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Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, NY Proton Center

NEW ROCHELLE, United States


"My sense of smell and taste have come back and now"

I joined WildFit in November 2020. I was inspired by what Vishen said about this WildFit program and the results his staff had seen doing it. I just completed the 90 day program. I lost only 5 pounds but 18 1/4 inches!! I had a 6 hour surgery last March and I assume a lot of those inches...
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Mackenzie Jones


Los Angeles, United States

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