"I have lost my ten pounds and ten more pounds"

"I have lost my ten pounds and ten more pounds"

Before signing up for WildFit I had gained what I call my 10 'Pandemic' pounds. I had done pretty well prior to that but felt that I was not keeping to any set 'diet'. I had lost weight in a hurry for a medical appointment the year before by trying the Keto method. But I could not stay away from sweets - even the keto 'approved' sweets that you can purchase. 
I have had food sensitivities and allergies since my early 20s (now 70), and have had eczema since my 40s. I would lose weight and put it back on and knew that each gain meant more fat than muscle. I am a very active person - trainer twice a week, pilates twice a week, golf whenever I could, skiing in winter, loved walking. 
My Doctor put me on cholesterol pills two years ago, but this year my blood pressure was also in the range where I was prescribed low dose blood pressure medication. I had a basal cell removed 11 years ago but had to have a repeat surgery (MOHS) this winter so hopefully that is finished with, It was the final straw for me. 

As a Mindvalley member I started the Meditation with Emily and that seemed to help me. Then I listened to the session with Eric about WildFit. Seemed like it would be something that I could try even if just to lose the ten pounds that I had gained, Surprise!!! I have adhered to the program and am loving the results. 

I have lost my ten pounds and ten more pounds and I enjoy my food so it is not that I have cut back at all in quantity. I gave up sugar and chocolate (thought that would be hard but it wasn't). I stopped dairy (oddly that one was tough). No more preservatives for me, and no more processed foods. I have joined the Tribe and have made great friendships. They are supportive and helpful. The coaches are amazing and very knowledgeable about the program and how it helps.
 We have shared recipes and I have started cooking with adventure - trying new things - and learning what my body likes and what it says 'no' to. Besides the 20+ pounds that I have lost, I have shed 23+ inches and have been 'shopping in my closet' to rediscover clothes I have not worn in quite some time. 
Everything that is now too large for my is being given away as I never plan on using it anymore. 

I will continue on the Living WildFit journey because I still have some healing to do. And once I have reached my healthiest possible state I will still continue on this journey. 

Thank you WildFit, Eric, Coaches Lori and Kerry, and all the members of the Tribe!!!

Debra Carbone


Toronto, Canada

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