"I can use the information gained to simply adapt my eating patterns as required to cope with my needs as they arise"

"I can use the information gained to simply adapt my eating patterns as required to cope with my needs as they arise"

When I started this quest, I thought I knew a bit about nutrition and I had been following what I thought was a healthy diet. Weight was never a problem but I never had much energy. (Chronic fatigue was an issue some 20 years ago) What drew me in to the quest was Vishen saying he had had pull up bars installed in his office because he had so much energy. 

This quest has brought me energy and so much more. Since completing it, my energy has been better; more consistent. – And yes, I did lose weight though that was not a primary goal. I now have a trimmer leaner body, which I like. 
Unexpected bonuses have been: Better sleep. Better self-esteem. More self-confidence. Better mood overall and generally happier and calmer, and much more at peace within myself. 
These I think have been the biggest changes in that they were unexpected. I now have a much better understanding of the real and fascinating nutritional needs of a body. There is much information out there about what is “good for you” but this quest takes you back to basics, de-bunking so many myths about what we have been led to believe is good and bad for us. 

The course is structured in such a way that it is easy to follow and has step-by-step increments in the knowledge gained and the behaviors/habits we need to examine to change our lives for the better. As such, there is no overload or overwhelm all at once. I now have a “map” of how to keep myself in optimal health with a well-functioning body that can ward off any challenges that life has to throw at me, be that physical, mental or emotional. 

I can use the information gained to simply adapt my eating patterns as required to cope with my needs as they arise. It is a very thorough programme and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to change their current way of being. It is life changing at a most basic level. That of nutrition. As you become better nourished, so your life becomes better and better. What we eat and how we eat is fundamental to our well being. 

My heartfelt thanks to Eric for creating this course and to all the Wildfit coaches worldwide who work so hard to keep us all on track and hopefully, person by person, we can change the world for the better.



Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

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