"I am 20 pounds (9kg) lighter and my digestive problems have pretty much disappeared"

"I am 20 pounds (9kg) lighter and my digestive problems have pretty much disappeared"

Before I joined the Wildfit program, I was somewhat overweight and drinking way too much alcohol. I suffered from digestive issues and unpredictable energy levels - often suffering an "afternoon slump" in energy after lunch. 

Over the course of the Wildfit program, I came to understand *why* certain foods I was eating were making me feel the way I was. I also came to understand that many of my food choices and dependencies were psychological rather than physical. Once I got them out in the open, I was able to address and control them, rather than allowing them to control me. 

Now, having completed Wildfit, I am 20 pounds (9kg) lighter and my digestive problems have pretty much disappeared. Now I know how to use specific food choices to control my weight without ever going hungry. 
Wildfit has given me a bunch of superpowers I can wheel out any time so that I am the master of the food I consume, not the other way around. 

All I can say to Eric Edmeades, the program leader, is "thank you". You and your colleagues have transformed my life for the better. And I'm never going back.

Julian Wagstaff

Composer and musician

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Seetal Singh

Doctor of medicine. (general)

Applecross, Australia

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