"I have had so many people tell me that I have a glow"
Unlocking Transcendence

"I have had so many people tell me that I have a glow"

Wow, what can I say? Before this program I was intuitive to a point but didn't understand how to use it and didn't trust myself to "hear" correctly. I was full of self-doubt. Finding Mindvalley was a complete game-changer and when I finished my first Quest with Jeffrey Allen, I was forever a changed person. I saw every day life differently and although I found myself at times, falling into old patterns, I was made aware very quickly and I "snapped out of it" just as fast! The mindset shifts and the easy peace that sits in my energy field now, is so much stronger and pervades all areas of my life. Now, I shine. Literally! I have had so many people tell me that I have a glow and there is a light about me that they are drawn to. I am eternally grateful to Mindvalley and Jeffrey Allen for the incredible guidance and wisdom I learned and the control I gained over my life. My life is a beautiful song and I am the conductor.

Elisheva Richmond


Or Akiva, Israel

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Unlocking Transcendence

"Every single day was a new step forward in self-discovery"

This Quest was an awesome journey of discovery and exploration beyond the limits we humans thought having. Every single day was a new step forward in "self-discovery", a new experience, a new technique for life; all delivered in such a smooth method.
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Claudys Kantara


Unlocking Transcendence

"I found learning through the quest really doable"

I found learning through the quest really doable. I am really messy while studying but with this quest it was easy. I got some new sets of tools and new exercises that were really practical and I can use them in my everyday life. 
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Santiago Pascual

Córdoba, Argentina

Unlocking Transcendence

"I can recommend this course to anyone"

Jeffrey’s course made me realize I know much more than I thought I knew. I still go back to the course Weekly. I realized I sense things, see things, even predict things. I even got an investor for my company simply because I suddenly knew what to look for. I can communicate with people i l...
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Ida Brinck-Lund

CEO, founder Adiso

Humlebaek, Denmark

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