Unlocking Transcendence

"I look forward to each day of the course"

Hi Mindvalley! I have begun to be more and more aware of myself in the environment. Self-confidence has increased and that's good. I look forward to each day of the course and I am so thankful to Mindvalley who is supporting me on my development path. Love, Anna Elísabet Gestsdóttir.

Anna Elísabet Gestsdóttir


Sel, Norway

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Unlocking Transcendence

“I feel I can filter out the noise around me and go within to get answers to questions and identify problems before life overwhelms me”

[The course] was simple to do but so effective. Going back to basics really helps to ground you and reconnect which is where we all need to start no matter where we think we are developmentally. I feel I can filter out the noise around me and go within to get answers to questions and identify pro...
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Maria Harrop-Peel

United Kingdom

Unlocking Transcendence

"I have had so many people tell me that I have a glow"

Finding Mindvalley was a complete game-changer and when I finished my first Quest with Jeffrey Allen, I was forever a changed person. I saw everyday life differently and although I found myself at times, falling into old patterns, I was made aware very quickly and I "snapped out of it" just as fast!
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Elisheva Richmond


Or Akiva, Israel

Unlocking Transcendence

“I feel much happier every day, my relationships have all improved”

I loved Jeffrey Allen's calm and playful energy and one of the nicest things about the course was feeling I didn't have to get every exercise perfect and I could be amused and playful whilst learn. I am actually doing his course again on my own.One of the biggest “Aha” moments was the Body aw...
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Tajana Belkovic


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