"Jeffrey Allen gives the most useful "tools" to be used every day"
Unlocking Transcendence

"Jeffrey Allen gives the most useful "tools" to be used every day"

Jeffrey Allen gives the most useful "tools" to be used every day. 
I have had energetic awareness from a child and was not encouraged to use or develop it in any way. I had come to hide / disregard/ distrust my "intuitive moments " as imagination/ woowoo or just weird. 
Completing programs from Jeffrey and Christie Marie Sheldon have helped me acknowledge and use the intuition I have daily as both a personal and professional tool. The experience has made me more secure on a personal level, in life in general and in overcoming some challenging times and on a professional level, when using energy to help clients. 
I revisit this quest frequently and am delighted I found it / invested in it. My experience of it, although it may sound a little melodramatic, is "quietly life-changing". It gave me things I didn't know I needed.

Jane Morgan

Retired College Lecturer & Self employed Hair Beauty & Holistics

Dolgellau, United Kingdom

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Unlocking Transcendence

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Tajana Belkovic


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