"I found learning through the quest really doable"
Unlocking Transcendence

"I found learning through the quest really doable"

I found learning through the quest really doable. I am really messy while studying I can't focus sometimes but with this quest it was easy. I got some new sets of tools and new exercises that were really practical and I can apply them in my everyday life. 
After this quest, I understood a lot of patterns that paid in my life subconsciously. Making them conscious helped me to make them work for me. Now I am more aware, more in my presence, more things are coming into my life.
Jeffrey made me understand a lot of things with his presence. I realized there was smth more in what he was saying. 

Santiago Pascual

Córdoba, Argentina

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Unlocking Transcendence

"Jeffrey Allen gives the most useful "tools" to be used every day"

The experience has made me more secure on a personal level, in life in general and in overcoming some challenging times and on a professional level, when using energy to help clients. I revisit this quest frequently and am delighted I found it,
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Jane Morgan

Retired College Lecturer & Self employed Hair Beauty & Holistics

Dolgellau, United Kingdom

Unlocking Transcendence

"Looking forward to discovering and clearing some energy blocks"

Looking forward to discovering and clearing some energy blocks.
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Rob Heidger


Carlsbad, United States

Unlocking Transcendence

"I gained so much more knowledge"

This should be thought in schools to very young children, not just teenagers. The most important comment about this quest is our teacher. He is a teacher that feels everything he speaks from every cell in his spiritual, and physical body. Aware of everything around him, while staying calm...
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Aviva Wynn

A Feldenkrais practitioner.

Lake worth, United States

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