"Opportunities that were never in my mind are beginning to materialise"
The 6 Phase Meditation

"Opportunities that were never in my mind are beginning to materialise"

Before this program, I tried many meditation techniques. While I found that they helped me focus and go into a spiritual zone, I felt that something was missing. When I learnt how to do the 6 phase meditation, I began to see that it gave me an emotional edge. I was involved in changing my life, in playing with the universe. Incorporating lofty questions into my meditation has also enhanced the way I see myself in three years time. The biggest change I see is that, the universe has started playing with me. Opportunities that were never in my mind are beginning to materialise and I am motivated to do sit and give myself the time to meditate daily. Thank you Vishen for sharing your insights and amazing un#@*&able with personality.

Boney Nathan

Teacher - Learning Specialist

Melbourne, Australia

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The 6 Phase Meditation

"The one thing that gave me the initial jolt of peace despite the stress of life was Vishen Lakhiani's 6 phase meditation"

I cried the first time I did it. It was overwhelming. I learned the most important thing about gratefulness and forgiveness which was the initial fuel for me to appreciate and invest in personal growth. Mindvalley has opened my eyes to so many things I didn't know were important and...
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Elaine Venegas


Antique, Philippines

The 6 Phase Meditation

“I am on my first extraordinary adventure”

Your 6 Phase Meditation approach helped me visualize it all. See, 4 Years ago I left my "Good" (a.k.a. mindlessly acceptable) Day-Job earning $65k/yr with "growth opportunities" (yeah, right) in order to build a grassroots career as a performing musician. I am proud to say that I am now COM...
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Rich Genoval

Musician and Entertainer

New Jersey, United States

The 6 Phase Meditation

"It was amazing"

Made me face myself and face resentments I had been holding onto and what I was holding onto. Made me realize I need to have more gratitude for myself, on a healthy level to self actualize my journey of how far I have come. So far enrolling in Quest All Access over the last couple week has been...
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Justin Gonçalves

Kangen Water Distributor

Brampton, Canada

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