"It has brought me happiness, satisfaction and enthusiasm"
The 6 Phase Meditation

"It has brought me happiness, satisfaction and enthusiasm"

Before this program began, I had been meditating for three years and on the path of self-discovery. During this journey I have faced less and more pleasant challenges and I am happy about it. I have loved doing it because I have been able to observe and see how there are thousands of people who are on this path. It has brought me happiness, satisfaction and enthusiasm when seeing the capacity that our inner self has and how we can contribute in the world and flow with the Universe, seeing our potential, far from the limitations that we have been putting ourselves by culture, so we They have taught parents, teachers, media, environment, experiences, and that little by little they have been covering who we really are and the infinite potential that we are on a personal level and that we do not even imagine United, as a universal source. It's great to be part of the age of training the mind, why train the body and not the mind? I invite you to start this wonderful process to have an extraordinary life and discover it and discover yourself.

Marta Guzmán

Madrid, Spain

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The 6 Phase Meditation

"I am really pleased with my transformation"

An added bonus is that my daughters are now meditating in this style and love it, and I love seeing that they love it. I have also noticed a positive difference in their attitudes, which then transcends to their learning for the day...
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David Amadasun

Trader / Homeschooler

London, United Kingdom

The 6 Phase Meditation

"The 6 phase mediation helped me visualize my future"

The 6 phase mediation helped me visualise my future. It has provided me with clarity on exactly the path I want to take and where I want to be. It has also helped me acknowledge the achievements I have made and to sit in gratitude for where I am right now. I am grateful for discovering this medit...
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Lavinia Milner-Gray

Health Coach

Oxford, United Kingdom

The 6 Phase Meditation

I will be using the six-phase meditation practice moving forward

Hi all, before this program, I meditate every morning following an app, but after taking this class, it makes meditation easier, more organized, and more fun. Meditating has become a big part of my life, especially because I struggle with fibromyalgia. It helps to calm my body and soot...
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Audrey Watson

Business Owner

Valrico, United States

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