"This Quest was perfect for me"

"This Quest was perfect for me"

I discovered Mindvalley through a youtube add on Jim Kwik SuperBrain masterclass. And I thought directly that this was for me. I have always been a good student but I am not satisied with my memory. I noticed that my learning capacity decreased. I knew that my memory could be improved and this Quest was perfect for me so I have enrolled in it. This is my very 1st quest and I can't wait day 30 to see how I have made progress. I am coming originally from Benin in West Africa one of the poorest countries in the world. I live in Belgium and working in Luxembourg in the IT field but I don't find my current life satisfying. 

The reason why I enrolled for this quest is that I want to change my life and become an entrepreneur. For that I need to follow some training and learning how to learn is the perfect start. My ultimate goal is to return to my home countries and impact the life of the people there. To start businesses that will enable them to come out of poverty and live better lives. To change their mindset so that they do not count on help coming from elsewhere but count first on themselves and learn strategies to overcome poverty

Herve Boukary-Mory

IT application Support Specialist

Liège, Belgium

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Tomorrow I will be 49 years old and my brain feels like when I was a teenager, able to retain lists, learn new songs, pay more attention, and remembering names. I am good at numbers, but the new techniques have put me in a new level. I feel I can learn and retain anything I want. I hope to keep ...
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Ingrid Kresse

Internal Audit Director, INACAP, Chile

Santiago, Chile


"I am very hopeful that this will help with that and other memory tools"

I have encountered challenges with retaining names and content from reading and am very hopeful that this will help with that and other memory tools...
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Tony Jorgensen

Hotel Maintenance

Bedford, Canada


"I remember things better and read faster"

After listening to Jim Kwik, within the first few lessons, I had designed my morning routine and started feeling like an achiever, every day. I remember things better and read faster. I resumed my hobby of sketching. Thank you for this journey.
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Britya Sen

Management consultant , PwC

Melbourne, Australia

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