"Never have I completed a course as good as this one!"

"Never have I completed a course as good as this one!"

Before this program, my memory as a result of developing Narcolepsy, on top of already very complex health problems, was a disaster. It has taken me a total of 11 months to complete this 30 day course, but it has been the BEST professional development courses I have EVER completed! Previous to becoming too unwell to work, I was a senior secondary school teacher, holding down several different positions of leadership; so no dummy, actually quite intelligent I like to think (although not so much these days)! I have completed hundreds of different courses over my 20 year career as a teacher, but never have I completed a course as good as this one! I am superbly impressed with the quality of this course. I just wish I had the time, money and health to complete more courses with Mindvalley and with Jim Kwik, because I know that I could get my health back if I was well enough and had enough money to pay for the courses, and the supports I need to study them. Thank you so much Mindvalley and Jim Kwik. I wish I had learned these memory techniques at the beginning of my teaching career, rather than after it had ended.

Catherine Stebbing

Disability Support Pension

Melbourne, Australia

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"This Superbrain quest is my next motivation to learn on how to learn before i embark further and deeper and find True Me"

My journey to rediscover myself started when i diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I went to multiple doctors and specialists, they all said you need to take a daily pill for a very long period of your life, it's a very common issue and medicine would keep the thyroid in balance. I followed the p...
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Tauqeer Ahmed

Student exploring life

Sydney, Australia


“Superbrain has given me so many phenomenal tools to work with and to uplevel my life”

Two of the most useful and fun things for me is the "Body List" and remembering people's names. I'm someone who is a natural teacher and "when you teach you get to learn it twice" is a great motto for me! I now feel that I can remember whatever I want to at any given time.
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Anthony Hawkins

Lead Carpenter at Habitat Forsyth

North Carolina, United States


"To accomplish this course will be the best thing I have ever done in my life"

Being part of the X generation, I never wanted to believe the propaganda in society globally that as we get older we lose this and lose that. To accomplish this course will be the best thing I have ever done in my life and proof that age has nothing to do with anything, it's how we individually ...
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Renee Wainohu


Perth, Australia

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