“It motivated me to complete my book on Mindfulness!”

“It motivated me to complete my book on Mindfulness!”

For the last seven years I am doing my best to learn to speak, read, and write the Thai language and it is a bit challenging. I have also become inspired again to do my Thai lessons each day because of Jim!
It was great to show up and stay committed each day for *"Our daily dose of "Jim!"
I gained a lot from Jim Kwik and here are just a few of my "Takeaways:"
1. I have the brain foods in my consciousness 24/7! I deliberately choose them each day.
2. When I go shopping they are at the top of my list!
3. I remember names better because I have Jim telling me to say it, connect it, and write it on their forehead.
4. I go to sleep each night going through the lists of connections with a smile on my face
5. My husband, Michael, and I refer to Jim's techniques to reinforce each other...daily!
6. It was such fun to tune-in and reinforce each other...we have a lot on our plates and this really helped.
7. It motivated me to complete my book on Mindfulness! That goes to press in August and I am really proud of that!
8. It has helped me become more present
9. I acknowledge people a lot more (just like Jim did everyday)
10. I like the reinforcement, tools, techniques
11. Reflection time was very helpful to grove the information
12. His personal shares were inspiring
13. The playfulness was a great reminder...outrageous and memorable!
14. The visuals remain with me and that was truly profound!

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott

MCC, a #1 New York Times Best Selling author, a Master Certified Executive and life coach

Bangkok, Thailand

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