"I would like to develop a new mindset and create a new way of taking on challenges"

My name is Alexander Charles Price I am 22 years old I am from Las vegas, Nevada, im currently working as a receptionist at a pediatric office, and I am in school for my EMT I am working towards becoming a firefighter with my schooling, but have my passion set on Fitness and acting, when I was around 11 years old I started doing small things such as push ups and sit ups,Bruce lee was my inspiration the physique he had was incredible! so one day I was working out my brother came in the room and said wow you're actually getting cut you should make it to where you don't have to flex anymore and still look cut. In that moment it changed my whole mindset on fitness I was determined I then began to love fitness as a lifestyle not just a hobby.My Goal with this program is to help me retain information in not only school but as an individual I have trouble learning things that I read but obtain knowledge faster when I physically do them I would like to develop a new mindset and create a new way of taking on challenges I get anxiety easily when I take a written test school has always been a struggle for me I am close to god and two days ago I got on my hands and knees and prayed for help and then I went on youtube and saw jims advertisement pop up I showed my friends they didn't understand because unlike them I actually believe that this can possibly change your life for the better.

Alexander Price

Medical Receptionist - I would like to become an actor!

Henderson, United States

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"This quest has started a new beginning in me"

The biggest change is that I could see so many things in life to change. For me this quest has started a new beginning in me and trust me I AM ON IT. I will surely be in touch via social platforms. Hope you meet you in person someday. Thanks
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Chetan Arora

Asst Manager

Bengaluru, India


"I want to expand my learning (and teaching) strategies for this 21st century"

As a newbie to Mindvalley, I am excited to invest time and strategies towards developing my brain through the Superbrain program. I still read and learn new materials the "old school" way. It is so true; we are in the 21st century and I want to expand my learning (and teaching) strategies...
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Josephine Wong

Alcohol & Drug Clinical Counselor

Delta, Canada


"It's helping me to remember things at work"

Thanks to this program, it's helping me to remember things at work and evolving me to be a better person.
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Nishika Singhi

Sales associate

Kamloops, Canada

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