"I was enjoying the learning but have to drop because I lost my love one and couldn’t concentrate."

Patience Kwabafour

Healthcare Assistant NHS Trust

Walthamstow, United Kingdom

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"I thought I had a less than average memory. I compensated by working harder."

Before taking the Superbrain Quest, I thought I had a less than average memory. I compensated by working harder. Each of these endeavors became tasks to do with the hoped-for result of achievement. Jim taught us that memory is something we do and that with a playful attitude, it can be fu...
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Daniel J Quinn-Shea

Non-profit volunteer

Seattle, United States


"I have seen an enormous difference"

I used Jim's techniques when studying for my finals, and I got 100% on my Anatomy and Physiology final and 99% on my Wellness Coaching and Communication final. This week is my first week of a new semester, and I was able to speed-read my textbooks with excellent..
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Heidi Bair


Garden Grove, United States


"My goal is to remember people, places, events"

I’ve always had trouble remembering people places and things. I have a very strong technical skill set but it takes me several times Practice to learn something. As a result, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of the life memories that I’ve had. My goal is to remember people places even...
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Mardis B

Creative Director

San Francisco, United States

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