"Before this program I have no confidence of my brain capacity"

"Before this program I have no confidence of my brain capacity"

Before this program I have no confidence of my brain capacity and I labeled my self as SML ( Short Memory Lost) or 5 mins brain. I love to read but I keep reread the same page, coz I cant memorize it. I love and really want to memorize all thing I have read. after this quest,gain back my confidence even I can memorize list. I never know there is an easy method to gain back our brain capacity. Not just brain, Jim also encourage me to be better person and has better life. This is not just brain quest also mind quest. Thank you Mindvalley, Thank you Jim Kwik.

Maina Kho

shop owner

Medan, Indonesia

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"I love this course so much"

I have more confidence in myself for giving my speech in front of my audience. I can remember people's name faster and easier than before. I used my body's profile to remember lists more than others tools. However, I love all the tools that I learn from Jim. Jim's story inspired me that anyt...
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Ladda Boonmee

Speaker and Coach

Vancouver, Canada


"Thanks to this program I have learned a lot of ways to improve my memory"

I didn't think twice and just enrolled. The price, for a person like me, was just right too! I know I will need to work hard at it and am making an effort. I am sure I will improve my memory. I am more positive in my life..
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Sailesh Kalyan

IT Engineer

Leicester, United Kingdom


"I can think faster, read faster, retain information"

I started to have more free time, get more quality sleep, and develop good habits that will serve me well throughout the rest of my life. I really enjoyed going through this quest because it is fun, easy to understand and do the tasks and it is split into bite sized sessions of about 10-20 minutes..
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Zhang Yiming


Queenstown Estate, Singapore

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