"I want to prove to myself that I am capable of still learning"

Why am I the John Kiwk Superbrain Program? Because I want to prove to myself that I am capable of still learning and that there is no age and when you want something you can have it. My goal is to learn English in order to pass a TOEIC.

Dorian Poirée

Ramp agent

Dammartin en goele, France

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"I will celebrate my bday and decided to invest on this program as this years gift to myself"

It is my very first day in the quest so I just would like to share with you my motivation. Who knows , maybe it inspires other people out there. :) To begin with: I am 35 years old right now and I consider myself genetically lucky when it comes to memory since everyone in my family has a st...
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Esra Bagci

Mechanical Engineer , BMW AG

San Luis Potosí City, Mexico


"The entire Superbrain quest has been awesome!“

Jim really has a way with connecting with you…even though it’s a recorded video and his down to earth, friendly style combined with the bite sized nature of each lesson, had been extremely helpful in reconnecting with my brain!! Quite possibly the most memorable thing about this course has been...
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Brian Lawrence

Organisational Psychologist, Founder at Life Trails Consulting

Auckland, New Zealand


"He shared the 10 daily habits to adapt and that was life-changing"

I have just started the journey with Kim quick, I have had breakthrough with Jim's first free masterclass when he shared the 10 daily habits to adapt and that was life changing, I remembered all of them with Jim's technique and using body parts to remember. Thank you so much! Can't wait t...
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Jody Boukarroum

Sales Manager

Melbourne, Australia

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