"I’ve enrolled to be able to read faster and learn quickly"

I’ve enrolled to be able to read faster and learn quickly. I enjoy learning new cultures, history, technical matters and San I such further. Also assist my children with new ways of learning to equip them better for school.

Lulama Boyce

HoD. Higher education

Johannesburg, South Africa

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"In just 30 days, this program has taught me how to accelerate my son and my students' learning"

Thank you so much Jim Kwik; you are such inspirational and the best teacher ever! Thank you so much Mindvalley!
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Mariela Gutierrez

Language Professor

San José, Costa Rica


"I'm looking to improve myself as a person and a professional"

I'm a student who's about to graduate. I'm working with many different people and reviewing plans and surveys. I need to keep track of many of my projects simultaneously and for that, I would like to improve my memory and ability to learn faster. I'm also a very curious person. I like to st...
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Joel Pihlajasalo

Technical Specialist

Turku, Finland


"This quest has started a new beginning in me"

The biggest change is that I could see so many things in life to change. For me this quest has started a new beginning in me and trust me I AM ON IT. I will surely be in touch via social platforms. Hope you meet you in person someday. Thanks
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Chetan Arora

Asst Manager

Bengaluru, India

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