"I am here to improve my memory"

"I am here to improve my memory"

I am here to improve my memory. I always was a slow reader so I hope with work and persistence this course can help me.

Timothy Gambacorta


Skokie, United States

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"This is my first quest, on day one"

My story is still being written. This is my first quest, on day one. It is all yet to be determined.
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Brendan Cooper

Self employed, Innergalactic Corp

Calgary, Canada


"I'm very excited to really engage with this program"

I'm just starting the program, but I'm starting because Jim Kwik's methodology for remembering things using locations and his tips for how to start one's day are really lovely! I'm doing well with them so far! I wake up and I try to remember my dream, then I fix my bed, brush my teeth wit...
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April Gee


San Mateo, United States


"I took this quest because my lack of concentration"

I just turned 50 and I am the proud father of 4 children. I am driving my own company for around 10 years now, in the IT project Management. I took this quest because my lack of concentration and inability to remember even basic things is causing lots of troubles - this started some time ago sinc...
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Jean-Michel Gustin

Manager, Paylabs Consulting

Flémalle, Belgium

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