"The biggest change I have noticed is my intuition is sharpen"
The Silva Ultramind System

"The biggest change I have noticed is my intuition is sharpen"

Before taking this Quest my life was uncertain. I was not clear and what direction I should go into. Meaning I want to know what my purpose is. I know I love helping people. But it seems I need help myself. 

After taking this class I really feel like I got the help I needed. My spirituality has been refined. 

The reason why I enrolled in this Quest was that I needed Direction with my prayer life and life in general. I wanted to see more healing in my life and in others. I felt like it was more to do just didn't know what to do. And then this Quest came. 

What I was hoping to learn was to be a better listener in prayer and trusting myself with God. And how to help others. I recommend Quest because it will give you a better Direction than you already have. It may even Define your direction letting you know you're headed in the right direction and you're not crazy. Sometime we feel in here something about ourselves or someone else and we don't trust it. 

This Quest will teach you to trust yourself and your higher power. And you will be able to help others in the process. 

The biggest area of my life that I've seen change is my confidence in myself, meaning but I trust what I hear about myself and others. And to never give up on me. I know there is something special God wants me to do in this Quest has taught me a method to practice to be led by God and trust myself. 

My three takeaways: 
1. Learning to Center myself. 
2. Trust The Power Within. 
3. Believe God is within me and leading me.

 The biggest change I have noticed is my intuition is sharpen. I have noticed the Magic in the day, meaning I can think about something that I want and within 24-hours to 48, it's right there! Thank you for this Quest!

Shannon Cook

Lab assistant at a hospital. I process the lab specimens for the text to run the test or the patience.

Champaign, United States

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