"I recently retired and in the process of beginning the next phase of my life"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I recently retired and in the process of beginning the next phase of my life"

I recently retired and in the process of beginning the next phase of my life. This is the reason I have enrolled in this program. I retired with a plan. I created a small business to teach Qigong to people in my age group as well as volunteer my services to two of my favorite charities. However, without structure, I realize that I often procrastinate. I start my day with one intention and end up doing something else. Before retiring I did all three and now that I've actually retired, I fear that time will become my biggest challenge because I'm so used to having deadlines that I will not be able to use my time wisely. My motivation to teach seems to have faded and I want it back! I think its because of the COVID crisis because I had to cancel all my classes including my volunteer services. 
I do a Zoom class for one facility but that's it. I had no plans of gardening but now I discovered gardening and love it. But that was not my plan! I had planned to earn extra money from my part-time business to travel and not be on a budget. BUT, I've lost my drive so to speak.. and I want my plan it back.

Ivey Samake

Retired, teaches Qigong & interested in Holistic health & wellbeing

Louisville, United States

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