“Mindvalley swept in and save the day, i learned to be a team player and a leader"
Mindvalley for Business

“Mindvalley swept in and save the day, i learned to be a team player and a leader"

I was never a team player. I've always done things on my own and have always preferred it that way. When I first started working with my current team, we were not efficient. It was much harder than it needed to be.
Mindvalley swept in and saved the day. We learned things about ourselves we didn't even know. I didn't think it was possible but I learned to be a team player and a leader. In just under two years I have grown so much as an individual, a team member and a partner. I can't thank Mindvalley enough. I've already recommended it to my family and friends. 

Faudia Ramjohn

Operations Technician at ExxonMobil

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Mindvalley for Business

"Part of any successful organization is the continued growth of its staff"

I was introduced to Mindvalley about 6 months ago and, through the courses that I was able to complete, I found tremendous value. I then decided to introduce the program to our senior management team. We are only some months into the program, and I am seeing positive changes in my team..
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Jas Kalsi

Solaris Worldwide, President & CFO

Mindvalley for Business

"Self-transformation lessons that took me 4 years to discover on my own, you taught my team in just hours"

I am overjoyed that our conversation resulted in 500 of my team members starting personal transformation journeys of their own and a pledge from us to create the Best Workplace and Best Lives we could ever have.Self-transformation lessons and belief systems that took me 4 years to discover o...
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Surina Shukri

CEO, MDEC (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation)


Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley has helped us pave the way to a stronger, more inspired team"

Leadership takes a lot of energy! Personal growth is a really good way to keep your mind & body in balance so you can consistently show up as the strongest version of you, manage time effectively, & get results from your team.Mindvalley is an excellent resource to bring teams toge...
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Nancy Lach

CEO Lasker Jewelers

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