"My dreams are super vivid now, I’m able to remember them easily"
Experience Lucid Dreaming

"My dreams are super vivid now, I’m able to remember them easily"

I am one week into the quest & it has already changed me. 
My dreams are super vivid now, I’m able to remember them easily. I am getting a lot of information & understanding simply from remembering my dreams. 

I am becoming aware while I am dreaming that I am dreaming. In the past when that happened, I would awaken. Now I stay asleep & observe myself dreaming. It’s quite interesting. 
This quest is next level in terms of the quality of the content, the music, the filmmaking. The author is absolutely engaging, informative & funny. I cannot wait to go even deeper! 
Do this quest, it’s life-changing. XO

Kerry Fisher

Transformational Life Coach: Mindset, Peak Performance, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Finding Your True Purpose

NY, United States

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Experience Lucid Dreaming

"It’s like a new world opened up to me"

Before this program, I didn’t really understand my dreams or what they were trying to tell me. Through the quest I learned and realized that every aspect of my dream is an aspect of myself. This sounds so trivial, but it blew my mind! It’s like a new world opened up to me. It was always...
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Almira Tabakovic

Partnership Manager, Sauber Motorsport

Zurich, Switzerland

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"It was such a significant shift in my beliefs about having dreams and lucidity"

I am so thankful for this quest and Charlie Morley and Mindvalley for bringing this to us. I would never see nightmares as bad dreams anymore. In fact, I told my mom and siblings, next time they hear me talking or screaming don't wake me up...
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Jeanniza Flores

Nanny, KSA

Imus, Philippines

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I was able to deepen my spiritual journey, improve my sleep quality and increase my mindfulness through this quest"

I didn’t know anything about Lucid Dreaming but the title teased my intuition and I am so happy that I followed it. I loved that following Charlie’s guidance felt so light and easy like a fun walk in the clouds but at the same time the effect was mind blowing. I am so grateful that I was...
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Inken Stolley

Conscious entrepreneur, Soulcoach and Silent Qi Ging master

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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