Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I have just experienced the most powerful lucid dream of all after years of practice in just 4 weeks with Charlie"

I had experience lucid dreams before and actually had a personal dream journal to help me with it. 
However, after going through Charlie Morley’s quest on LDs my mind has gone through a paradigm shift knowing what’s truly possible. 

I have become very disciplined thanks to Mindvalley’s daily short lessons and Charlie’s brilliant knowledge on the topic. 

I have just experienced the most powerful lucid dream of all after years of practice in just 4 weeks with Charlie. I actually messaged Charlie at 4:40am when I woke up to let him know! 
I was able to fly, to visit old dream places, to look at my dream and laugh knowing all was produced by my mind, to call out my dream plan having memory of my waking state will and experience a double layered dream inception (movie) style through a false awakening where I told all my family I just had a lucid dream only to end up waking up again on my bed realizing it was a dream on top of another. I now can decode dreams knowing the messages coming from my own mind, my journal practice is better than ever including drawings, my dreams are now movie like, super entertaining & powerful with a lot of wisdom in them and I’m now integrating healing and higher spirituality while I’m sleeping. 
Thank you Charlie & thank you Mindvalley, this is life-changing

Eddie Joel


Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

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Experience Lucid Dreaming

"Now, going to bed is full of joy and I am curious about the things I will communicate with my consciousness that night"

This quest really changed my life - thank you Charlie from the bottom of my heart. For the last 39 years (I am 39), I have been dreaming a lot, with remembering most of the dreams. And it really stressed me, I woke up so many days being exhausted from the nightly stories and went to bed h...
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Stephanie Rank

Yoga Teacher, owner of an Apartment Hotel, self employed with essential oils

Vienna, Austria

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"Through this course, with all these new tools, I have been able to really take meditation to new levels"

I absolutely loved this program with Charlie! I had been following Mindvalley for quite a while but when I saw this program added that is what finally got me to join. It did not disappoint! I have always had a meditation practice but through this course, with all theses new tools, I have...
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Traci Consoli


Setagaya-ku, Japan

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I feel my awareness has heightened during my waking hours"

I’ve never kept a focus on my dreams before this course. Charlie takes us on a journey into the deeper realms of our mind. He brings so much enthusiasm and compassion into it. More than the mind, we learn to put our heart into it. I feel my awareness has heightened during my waking h...
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Sanna Edlund

Transformational Lifecoach

New Orleans, United States

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