"It’s like a new world opened up to me"
Experience Lucid Dreaming

"It’s like a new world opened up to me"

Before this program, I didn’t really understand my dreams or what they were trying to tell me. 

Through the quest, I learned and realized that every aspect of my dream is an aspect of myself. This sounds so trivial, but it blew my mind! It’s like a new world opened up to me. It was always there, waiting patiently for me to discover it. I was, unfortunately, not one of the lucky ones getting lucid, but nevertheless, it is one of my favorite quest as it help stretch my consciousness so deeply. I highly recommend it!! Charlie is such a beautiful soul doing an amazing work worth spreading. 

For sure I will read his book on shadow work, continue playing with the topic, and who knows, maybe one day I will be able to lucid dream. 

Thank you so much Charlie for being so authentically you.

Almira Tabakovic

Partnership Manager, Sauber Motorsport

Zurich, Switzerland

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Experience Lucid Dreaming

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Nour El-kashef

Founder & CEO Leverage

Damanhur, Egypt

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Treena Reynolds

Photographer / Self Employed

Littleton, United States

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