"The experience was so beautiful and I felt a lot of peace"
Experience Lucid Dreaming

"The experience was so beautiful and I felt a lot of peace"

Before this quest i thought Lucid Dreaming was cool and very exciting flying playing around, after taking the quest everything changed even the dreams are something that I am very grateful to have now, and understand how much it can help me in my life. 
It's like understanding a new beautiful world that we have access to every time we sleep, Two nights ago I asked God that if it’s in my highest goods i would love to have a Lucid dream today, and it happened. I realized i was dreaming starting following the tools we learned and remembered what was my Lucid dream plan, I sat down with my eyes open and started to do my spiritual practice.

Once i started i just burst into tears. I was feeling everything i am saying with the heart not my mind, my mind was too slow to catch up, the more i kept going the more i kept crying and feeling it more, as for my body it kept vibrating higher and higher and felt like it was wiggling and flowy in a very harmonious way. 
When i stopped my meditation i stopped crying stood up and gently started to drift off to wake up. 
The experience was so beautiful and I felt a lot of peace when I woke up and definitely felt something “beings” around me, i was so grateful that i just got off bed and prayed with the sole intention that i was Grateful that I experienced that. 

I have been processing what happened and i am still catching up, and what’s more beautiful is that it is just the start and I haven’t even finished the quest yet. 

I would like to thank Charlie for introducing us to such a beautiful world and giving us such knowledge, you changed my Life and it has been only 3 weeks, and now I know there is way more, 
Thank you Charlie i will always be grateful ❤️

Nour El-kashef

Founder & CEO Leverage

Damanhur, Egypt

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Eddie Joel


Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

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