Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I could in fact achieve lucidity through this quest and it was a mind-blowing experience"

My dreams are now part of my everyday reality. 

Before this program I had never fully thought about the power behind dreaming, although I always found the process of dreaming fascinating and mysterious. 

With this quest, I learned how important dreaming is not just to have fun and "bend reality", but also as a powerful healing and spiritual practice. 
I also learned how to "decode" dreams and understand what my mind is communicating through my dreams. 

Lastly, I'd like to share that I could in fact achieve lucidity through this quest and it was a mind-blowing experience - I could follow my dream plan and unlock the ability to fly within my dream! 

This is a beautiful and original quest all put together by the charismatic Charlie Morley and the Mindvalley team. You should expect nothing short of a wonderful experience with this quest. Sweet dreams!

Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisboa, Portugal

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Experience Lucid Dreaming

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Before this class I did not recall many of my dreams. I do not believe I have ever had a Lucid Dream. But; as I sit and think about it I may have. Some dreams stay with me in my mind. Was this a lucid dream or just a dream I remember? I have had one dream over and over. However; I can...
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Registered Nurse / Proxy Care Certified Trainer, Mental Health mainly IDD,

Rome, United States

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"It's easily the most enjoyable Mindvalley Quest I have ever done!"

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Chamali Smith

Community Dentist

Merseyside, United Kingdom

Experience Lucid Dreaming

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RTT therapist

Béziers, France

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