"Charlie’s techniques have provided a welcome relief and real hope that the future can be brighter"
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"Charlie’s techniques have provided a welcome relief and real hope that the future can be brighter"

Charlie is an exceptionally gifted Teacher with a big heart who has the amazing ability to explain complex phenomenon in a very easy to understand and enjoyable way. 

I have had the privilege to have known Charlie for a number of years and I have witnessed first hand the positive and enduring impact that his Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and sleep techniques have had on so many of our Armed Forces Serving Personnel and Veterans community. 

He has dedicated a significant amount of his own time and research to support this community and the difference he has made is palpable. Many of these individuals are suffering with trauma and for each and everyone Charlie’s techniques have provided a welcome relief and real hope that the future can be brighter. 

I have also completed his CPD in Lucid Dreaming which was by far the best CPD I have ever completed. Charlie has an innate ability to make everyone feel special and capable of achieving anything. He is one of life’s inspirations with a depth of compassion I have never before witnessed. What makes him really stand out is that he genuinely cares about who he is teaching and what he is teaching. Charlie is a shining and leading light in an ever-challenging and dynamic world - a true gem and someone I feel blessed to call my friend and Teacher.

Fi Thompson

Royal Air Force Officer and Yoga Teacher

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