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"It was enlightening"

I began this journey with Lifebook because I dubbed this my year of transformation. 

2021 is the year to discover myself and move the needle forward. 

When I heard about Lifebook, it just seemed to be a call. I admit I didn't know what to expect, so the refundable deposit made it a no-brainer. I am a new coach so I'm just beginning to build my business but let me get a little farther financially, and I will undoubtedly return to the pursuit of clarity and commitment I found because of Jon Butcher's words. 

It was enlightening. I DO imagine a better planet with more people taking responsibility for working on themselves and the people in their circle. Thank you.

Tami Jordan


Richmond, United States

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Lifebook Online

"My journey throughout this program has been fantastic"

The design of this program is beautiful and helped me realize that aspects of life that are connected to each other and how focusing on element has an impact on other. My journey throughout this program has been fantastic.Most of the time it is self reflection and realizing that its n...
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Prapoorna Allamaraju

Transition Manager, IBM

Hyderabad, India

Lifebook Online

"I am so grateful to have found Lifebook!"

I am a single mum and studying for a PhD so I am 'busy' BUT I felt I was getting nowhere. Lifebook has given me focus and clarity on my life vision and created the awareness for me to take measurable steps to make my life abundant, fun and fulfilling. I am more physically and mentally strong...
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Clancy Hall

PhD Candidate

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Lifebook Online

I was lost and had lost my self my dreams and now I feel I have them back

Before lifebook my Mother died and then my Father died from cancer. I took care of them both. My Father just died after 12 years of taking care of him. My siblings were and are no help. They are just about greed! My world was turned upside down and I felt like I could not get my self together! I ...
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Brenda Sjoden

No longer a care giver! Free to be and do for me!

United States

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