"I highly recommend Lifebook to everyone looking at transforming their lives"
Lifebook Online

"I highly recommend Lifebook to everyone looking at transforming their lives"

I have never heard anyone talk about life design as holistically as Jon and Missy. The way they cover 12 different categories on Lifebook is extraordinary. It is no surprise that their approach has changed so many lives. I had a great time interacting with both Jon and Missy and what stands out the most is the relationship they have with each other. I felt they were so connected with each other. They are great teachers with the sheer depth of knowledge and passion. I highly recommend Lifebook to everyone looking at transforming their lives. 

Bijay Gautam

Founder, Podcast Host & Coach


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Lifebook Online

"With Lifebook I finally see how can use my gifts and potential to achieve what I want in life, and also more important: knowing WHAT I want in life"

Hey. When I started on Mindvalley one of my weakness categories of life was Life Vision. After 9 months I jumped into this wonderful program and I can tell you how different is my Vision right now. I'm a young woman full of energy, but sometimes I don't know how to use that energy. With...
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Laura Stefany Gutierrez Perez

Strategy Development Analyst / Ferocious writer

Medellín, Colombia

Lifebook Online

"Now my life has a clear north"

Thanks to this program I've shared many areas of my life and realized in a much deeper way to which extent we connect and all the values and dreams we share. Now my life has a clear north and it's up to us to make a plan, pour our emotions into it, and define the little steps..
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Pedro Biain

Receptionist, Courtyard

Paris, France

Lifebook Online

"The biggest positive change I have noticed is that I am so much more aligned with what I truly want out of my life"

Before this program, I was often full of doubts as to how to lead a good life. I had insight into what I wanted in some of the categories but was totally lacking real strategy when it cames to the majority of them. Now that I have gone through the LifeBook program, I feel so much more co...
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Bauer Sonny

Cultural appointee


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