"I have a very clear picture in areas of my life that were before very unclear and confusing"
Lifebook Online

"I have a very clear picture in areas of my life that were before very unclear and confusing"

My name is Manca and I am 40 years old. Before Lifebook, I was mom of 2 girls ( 17 and 13 years old), an entrepreneur with my own company, wife, friend – ALL IN ONE. I was kind of happy and successful but there was all the time something missing. I'm successful in what I do but it doesn't full- fill me. 
I had a good relationship with my husband – but we had problems with communication on some topics of our life, I was a good mom – but not always sure if I go in the right direction with my parenting… I always try to be the best in all- but there was always something missing. I had NO VISION. Often I was like a monkey, jumping from tree to tree and all the time looking for something more, something extra. But I had no clue what that EXTRA is. I knew that my purpose in life is just something more and I had no clue how to find that. 

With all my daily tasks and try to be the best for others and forgetting on myself, I was just simply overloaded to many times. 

With the Lifebook program:

• I came on a clear picture that I have NEGATIVE beliefs in quite a few areas of my life, 
• My life is my responsibility, 
• Be the best for MY SELF FIRST, so I can be the best for others, 
• I above others to be as they listen first and then talk and when you talk, talk with no expectations or judgments – with this my communication with my husband changed a LOT 
• I found that something MORE, something EXTRA 
• I have a very clear picture in areas of my life that were before very unclear and confusing 

So thank you Jon and Missy to give me this magical gift called Lifebook and the opportunity to explore myself and to grow and develop info a neven better and more improved version of my self as a mother, wife, friend…still ALL IN ONE – version 2.0

Manca Zibert


Medvode, United States

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