"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I was curious to see if I could master my energy body since I started discovering my "spiritual powers" but couldn't understand how to manage it. The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously as now, I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as know how energy works and am able to manipulate it in a very healthy way. Thank you! You have made me Superhuman!!

Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom

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Computer Science Teacher

Malé, Maldives


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Dawn Rodriguez

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RNCHO CORDOVA, United States


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Deanna Cobden

Dating & Relationship Coach

United States

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