“The only one course you really need to enroll into”

“The only one course you really need to enroll into”

Duality helps me find even deeper inner peace. Using Duality training and Jeffrey Allen's wonderful guiding every day, I have changed my life and my life is changing. 
I am now doing the same things in a new way, with a completely different attitude. I now create the life I've always dreamed of, with less doubt.
My relationships have changed. What was good in my life before has become excellent. What I have to change, I change with gratitude. No more self-judging. 
There are many great spiritual teachers and courses in the world. I apologize to all of them, but I have to say: Jeffery Allen and Duality is the best in the world today and the only one course you really need to enroll into. It’s enough!
Love, Light and Laughter to all of you!”

Marit Wadsten

United States

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Amber Hale

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"I look forward to learning the tools from this interesting quest"

I am excited to take the Duality quest with Jeffrey. Science tells us that our bodies and everything around us nothing but energy vibrating at different frequencies. But we need a deeper understanding of that and learn to attune ourselves to experience world in energy form.
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Uday Patil

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"I feel that I fit better in the world"

Before this program, I was afraid of the unknown and I didn't have so much trust in myself. I am in the middle of the quest and I feel that I fit better in the world, I can control my life, my relationship and I feel more alive. Thank you!
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Luminita Terente

Business Developer

Brăila, Romania

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