“It really changed my life, I can see my energy patterns”

Nicoleta shares how Duality has been a corner-stone to the big shifts that are happening to her life. She also explains how it changed her life and the amazing patterns that she can see happening in her own life.

Nicoleta Sandu


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"I feel better every day"

Not much to say as I am at the beginning of my journey, starting to understand it all. What I know, I know it well and what I don’t know, I can learn. And you know what? I feel better every day...
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Jessika Burness

Customer service manager

Melbourne, Australia


“This profound experience changed forever my old belief system”

My son, Grant, was about 6 years old. Grant had traditionally slept well through the night. Then suddenly he started having violent dreams, tossing and turning, talking angrily in his sleep. These disturbances intensified to the point where he was now up walking around sound asleep but angrily kn...
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Dave Ingersoll

Real Estate Broker

United States


"Duality helped me to get in touch more with my energy and my intuition"

Duality helped me to get in touch more with my energy and my intuition
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D'Aun Moore

United States

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