I was not overweight, perhaps ten pounds or so heavier than optimal, but my blood sugar kept veering towards the high level of pre-diabetes, and I was distressed. I firmly believe that medication is only for when it is completely necessary, so I was determined to tackle this problem once and for all through a change in lifestyle, if possible. 
My son came to visit this summer, and he told me about this incredible program, WildFit, that dealt with blood sugar and weight issues in the context of teaching healthful eating for a vibrant life. It was the exact message I needed, so I signed up. 
A little backstory is needed here. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I went through the full treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. I was dismayed to find that I was left with neuropathy in my left foot despite the cryotherapy I had endured. The climbing blood sugar issue had started two years prior to cancer, and I had managed to keep it somewhat under control for a while, but this past summer, I had this feeling that my COVID lifestyle (a cookie a day, sometimes two... alcohol every evening at dinner... my love of pasta) had taken a toll on my blood sugar. My son suggested I get a glucose self-test, and sure enough, my blood sugar was 124 (diabetes starts at 125). I have done detoxes often in my life, chafing at the restrictions, cheating when I wanted, and often quitting at two weeks instead of the prescribed three. 
I can't tell you exactly what was different with WildFit, but I am now in week 10, and I have followed the program exactly as suggested. Incredible. So, here is the miracle. Over the past ten weeks, I have tracked my blood sugar, and what was once 124 is now 85. AND THE NEUROPATHY IN MY LEFT FOOT IS GONE! Yes, that is right... it was sugar/ diabetes-related and not the consequence of the chemotherapy, as I thought. I have never been so grateful for a program as I am with WildFit. I have learned an incredible amount, and I am a life long learner of nutrition and well-being. It has truly been life-changing for me.

Beverly Tadeu


Bethesda, United States

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"The psychology of the program is remarkable"

I am in my 70’s and a RTT Therapist. I was an ignorant eater so I was looking for an educational program with benefits. Doing this search for a program was exhausting but Wildfit is the perfect match. I have learned so much of the How, When and the Why’s about food...
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RTT Therapist

Wentzville, United States


"Taking the WildFit Quest has changed how I think of food"

Taking the WildFit Quest has changed how I think of food and how companies are manipulating everyone. I joined this quest to not lose weight as I had lost 25 lbs however Eric gave me an education about food that is worth its weight in gold and by doing this 90 day challenge I still lost weight.
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Sharon Wood

Semi retired

Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada


"It has changed my life!"

I'm sleeping like a baby (no more snoring!) I'm clear thinking and no longer forgetful I have energy to burn, even at 3 pm!! My skin is bright and I've shed weight! POUNDS and the baggage of shame I carried. I AM now ready to deliver kick-ass events that will change people’s lives!
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Kathy Donnelly

Halifax, Nova Scotia, United States

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