"The idea of ​​connecting food and psychology is absolutely crucial"

"The idea of ​​connecting food and psychology is absolutely crucial"

I have been looking for food and pain freedom throughout my 59 years of life and have tried many diets, but with WildFit I have found 'home'. 
Weight was not an issue, but lifelong stress, IBS, pain, trauma and self-sabotage. 
I have experienced finding my way back to myself, feeling my body's signals, getting better skin, sleep, confidence, courage, energy, freedom from bad habits, far less pain, greater self-love, joy of life and unimaginable amounts of energy translated into action! 
The idea of ​​connecting food and psychology is absolutely crucial, and the way we have been ´held in hand´ by Eric and all the amazing coaches and daily videos has been absolutely perfect - really high, high quality - EVERYTHING has been thought of, what we can encounter on the 'journey'. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a GREAT time from Susanne from the northern tip of Denmark

Susanne Lind

Personal Development

Skagen, Denmark

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“This knowledge will stay with me for a lifetime and make me a whole lot healthier”

Knowledge you gain from Eric and the effectiveness of the program make this program a one of a kind. Bringing consciousness to the emotional connection to your eating patterns is worth the cost of the program alone. This knowledge will stay with me for a lifetime and make me a whole lot heal...
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Ranil Piyaratna

United States


"Thanks to WildFit my main goal, a structural higher energy level, came out!"

A major side effect I didn't expect to happen at me beginning this Quest was a spectacular drop of my blood sugar values. No more Metformine for me. Another side effect: the disappearance of candida. Almost forgot to mention weight loss of 10 kg..
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Rick Kaihatu

Territory Account Manager @ Mitel

Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands


"During this program I learned to listen to myself about my food choices"

The top takeaways from doing this quest; listening and trusting myself, increasing creativity in cooking healthier, and learning what is good and not good for me. I am not stopping using my new found skill and I intend to lose a whole lot more of unhealthy fat.
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Leia Edson

Registered Nurse

Montrose, United States

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