"Living WildFit has become a part of my identity"

Last summer in July I was looking at a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life and feeling super overwhelmed. I was tired ALL THE TIME and just couldn’t fathom how I would do all the things I wanted to do. But I knew that if other people could do it, so could I. 
This led me to research what people did to have more energy. One of the first things I came across was seasonal eating. Shortly after I was in one of the largest bookstores in the US, and couldn’t find a single book on seasonal eating. Of course, this made me more curious. So when I stumbled across Eric’s Mindvalley WildFit Masterclass, it just seemed so logical that I enrolled.
Funny thing, I actually canceled the program. But I kept getting the videos so I followed along anyway until week 10 when I lost access.
I saw so much value by that point that I frantically contacted customer service so I could pay and get my access back. No regrets.

Through the program, I got the energy I wanted in spades. I lost 25lbs without trying, and now have the discipline to meditate and exercise every day. I think of WildFit as my foundation for making my dreams a reality. I finished in November 2019 and paid to enroll my husband as a Christmas gift (with his encouragement, lead don’t push!). He had an equally amazing experience, releasing 45lbs and counting. He has his own story to share, but for me, as a side effect, we are even stronger as a couple.

Now we have this great foundation and have started our Lifebook together to keep working on those goals. 
I hated cooking before WildFit. I was indifferent to food. I was always so annoyed that cooking and eating would take up so much of my time. WildFit taught me that taking care of my nutrition first actually gives me MORE space and time for other things. It’s the opposite of what I believed in my whole life. I couldn’t be more grateful for that insight. I even started an Instagram account to share WF based recipes, @WildFoodGram.

I still can’t believe how much my attitude and relationship with food has changed. Living WildFit has become a part of my identity. That’s where the magic is.

I wanted to share my story, in case you think any parts of it could inspire others to enroll.
I am a high school teacher, and currently taking a life coaching course, so you may hear from me in the future about adding WildFit to my teaching repertoire. Until then, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 
Cheers to Wild Health! 💚

Sarah Mae

Youth Potential Educator

Vancouver, Canada

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"I gave my teenage daughter a tool that I wish I had when I was her age"

Once you do this progtam you will influence the ppl that are close to you. I have a teenage daughter and now she is more in control of her food. She looks at me like I also wanna do the same, I gave her a tool that I wish I had when I was her age. 
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Helene Mathieu

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"WildFit has transformed our lives"

The goals for my wife and I were different. For my wife, it was purely weight loss. For me, weight loss was secondary. She lost 7 kg on the challenge and has transformed her association with food. For me: (it's a big list)...
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Sanket Pai

Leap Ahead & Human Potential Coach, Author

Pune, India


"Taking the WildFit Quest has changed how I think of food"

Taking the WildFit Quest has changed how I think of food and how companies are manipulating everyone. I joined this quest to not lose weight as I had lost 25 lbs however Eric gave me an education about food that is worth its weight in gold and by doing this 90 day challenge I still lost weight.
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Sharon Wood

Semi retired

Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

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