"I feel like a new woman, happy in my own skin, more confident, happy, and ready to take on the world!"

Imagine being a Cookie Monster (think Sesame Street), Sugar Junkie (think cocaine addict) since about age 8, and Food Junkie (sweet and salty food 99.9 percent) AND a frumpy old woman to a Food Freedom Fighter, Femme Fatale! 😉 

I joined WF for about 20 reasons primarily to ‘lose’ weight, reducing inflammation and knee pain, and reduce (and eventually eliminate my thyroid medication, the only one I’m on), as well as to build my natural immunity.
 All was accomplished, except a bit more weight to release and working on reducing my medication. 

Though I released about 20 lbs and 10” at my hips, 5” at my bust, etc., I finally feel sexy again, finally being able to fit into clothes and (sexy) bras (without an extension strap) and panties (going from a L/XL or 12/14 dress size to a M or 10)! 😍 Pants too! 😉 

I reduced and eliminated so many things from head to toe. I feel like a new woman, happy in my own skin, more confident, happy, and ready to take on the world! 

Thanks to Mindvalley for the intro video with Eric, the wonderful coaches, and my team who helped and supported me along the way. IF I continued living the way I did prior to WF, I would have diabetes, a heart attack or stroke, and/or cancer. I’m sure of it! And IF I, Cookie Monster/Sugar Addict can transform and eliminate sugar cravings at age 61 - looking and feeling more youthful - so can YOU! 🥰 

Consider WildFit an investment in yourself: without good health, you have nothing! 😉 And you’re worth it! You’re important! You matter! 🥰


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North Vancouver, Canada

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I LOVED the program! I lost 20lbs (9 kg). One of the biggest things for me (which I was not expecting AT ALL) was that my feet which have been wide my entire life are now down to a normal size! I’ve always had such a hard time fitting in shoes and now my shoes are literally falling off!
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