Unlocking Transcendence

“I feel that I will find the missing links in this program.”

My goal is to finally believe in myself. To put steps into place to get over the hurdles in my life.
I am new to this program and am enjoying it. I don't feel much as yet. 
I am able to the 4th program and feel this is an area I am really stuck. Pain in my chest is telling me something so am working on this. I am feeling sad and unloved. Love hearing Christie, and know I am on a path that will lead me to feeling happy and loved. Thanks so much.
I have a small business that is struggling. There you go, there's that word again. That is the last time I will use it!
My goal is to succeed in this business, sell it and find a way to travel the world.
Yes, I have attended courses, read books and listened to others. I feel that I will find the missing links in this program.
Great so far. I don't know about any other products as yet but will look into it when I have been through the 24 blocks.

Glenda Borgas

United States

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Unlocking Transcendence

"It's like attending Hogwarts"

Unlocking Transcendence taught by heart-based guide & teacher, Jeffrey Allen, gave me energy tools to reach for in everyday life. I'm less likely to feel at a loss of what to do in any given situation...
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United States

Unlocking Transcendence

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I was introduced to Mindvalley in February 2020. Since then, I am daily on the app. I think I watched every single video related to spirituality and energy, as, I found my life lately shifting to this direction. I'm taking many quests currently, haven't finished any of them yet except for...
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Maha Mahfouz

Image consultant

Beirut, Lebanon

Unlocking Transcendence

"Every single day was a new step forward in self-discovery"

This Quest was an awesome journey of discovery and exploration beyond the limits we humans thought having. Every single day was a new step forward in "self-discovery", a new experience, a new technique for life; all delivered in such a smooth method.
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Claudys Kantara


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