"I'm just going to say Thank You and this works!"
Unlimited Abundance

"I'm just going to say Thank You and this works!"

I'm just going to say Thank You and this works! 

Since signing up for Christie's course two weeks ago... I binge listened to all the clearings (only) that first weekend... I have manifested attendance at the course of my dreams (and an agreement in principle that the professor of my dreams will be an associate professor on my Masters' thesis)... in the country of my dreams - Egypt... the course cost is less half the price of taking the course in my own home country (and I had been given a 15% discount). The exact moment I sat down to do a WWIT to be able to afford to take the course and sat down with my financial software to review my accounts... I received an email saying I had been approved for government funding for $2287.00 for a program I applied for last fall that was denied twice and which I persisted with having escalated after listening to the clearings... it got escalated to a manager and a director and finally approved. The next WWIT was to manifest private accommodations, with private bath and kitchen within walking distance of the course, on the metro line and along the Nile... I found a crazy tiny home with garden that matched all my criteria $22.79 CAD per day. Even though I only bought my plane tickets the week before travel I was able to get the lowest discount airfare rates for both flights. I went out to buy some appropriate clothing items for my trip from the local thrift store and found a brand new Benetton linen long sleeve shirt and a gorgeous silk ankle length skirt for only 10 euros. I bought a gorgeous looking fake diamond ring from the 1 euro store to wear as a wedding ring since I am traveling solo this weekend to Egypt and the ring is reinforcing some relationship goals I have on my vision board. I completed a grant application earlier this past weekend and this morning the funds had been transferred into my bank account: $1800.00 for a laptop, $59.00 other, $1145.00 for software , $300.00 other, $680.00 for tutoring, and $190.00 for a smartpen. I had rent money owed to me that was late and when I did WWIT to receive it with grace and ease I woke up to the $550.00 having been transferred to me. I decided to end a $13.00 per month subscription which saved me $156.00, which was a distraction and conflicted with some of my Lifebook goals. $598.00 refund which was a distraction from currently identified Lifebook goals. When reviewing a grant and funding I received last year I found an error of $199.00 funding and a grant of $133.00 that hadn't been disbursed to me, when I got them to review the account the funding increased to $855.00 and the grant to $570.00. So all of these have been the results I have seen in exactly two weeks of signing up for Unlimited Abundance. 

I can't wait until I start seeing the results from actually listening to the actual full length clearing sessions, following the course and doing the homework. It's going to be amazing! I've also started blessing the money that I spend. Asking the divine to have what I put out return to me ten-fold. 

Thanking the divine for providing me with whatever I am purchasing, asking that the money spent helps others to live a life of grace and ease, thinking I love money and I love the good I do when I spend money. As my financial position changes and as I complete more of my Lifebook goals I know I will continue to invest in myself and in Mindvalley. Thanks so much! 

Update: since posting this 30 minutes ago... I just found out my province has a FREE media studio through the local public library system (that I didn't know existed) and since my thesis involves the creation of a mini-documentary... I can't begin to quantity the savings FREE access to a professional studio, equipment, tutoring and staff will save me. A few days ago I had done a WWIT to produce my mini-documentary? I also checked my bank account and found $107.00 in funding had been transferred yesterday that I completely forgot about.

Michelle Hicks

Master's Student

Kalamata, Greece

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