"I love this quest!"
Super Reading

"I love this quest!"

I’m an English teacher and I’m currently studying my degree in Pedagogy on line. I practically work all day and I just have one day off, then my limited time is very valuable. I used to be a very slow reader and my comprehension was poor, then I was struggling with having enough time to accomplish my tasks every week. Now I’m reading faster and my comprehension is great, I’m taking much less time to study and that has practically changed my life because now I have less stress. I love Jim Kwik and now I’m ready to start the “5 days to a powerful memory” quest.

Jessica Ramirez Ruvalcaba


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Super Reading

"My reading speed increased over 150% after 21 days of practice."

I dismissed the Speed Reading quest the first time because of the belief "it's not possible". I'm glad I gave it a try the second time around as my reading speed increased over 150% after 21 days of practice. You won't regret taking on this quest especially if you have children and then teach THE...
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Josh Howell

Wodonga, Australia

Super Reading

"Before the program my speed reading was 180 word per minute, after it became 700 WPM"

Before the program my speed reading was 180 word per minute, after it become 700 WPM with normal (400-500WPM) it's about smart reading.! The reason why I take this quest because the high benefits of reading through my life. I recommend this quest because it's focus in both speed and comprehe...
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Samer Gharaibeh

Civil Engineer

Irbid, Jordan

Super Reading

"This is a program for all those who want to read one book a weak."

Before starting this quest, I was averaging 210 WPM, I am on day 8 of this quest and I am averaging close to 450WPM. Jim is a great coach and has a unique way of motivating and influencing. He has good energy and he connects with his students. Remember, leaders, are readers!
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Ally Qureshi

Humanitarian Worker

Rome, Italy

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