"Remembering my daily tasks better"

"Remembering my daily tasks better"

Remembering my daily tasks better

Aditya Shelke


Aurangabad, India

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"It wasn't a matter of what I am but what I think I am"

I was struggling a lot during my self-improvement researches about computer Science. I was feeling really bad, couldn't keep anything in mind for more than 20 seconds, it was painful but then there was an Advertisement about Jim Kwik in which he was giving a speech on how memory is not somet...
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Alessandro Rojas

Student at ITIS Buzzi

Prato, Italy


"I look forward to learning all the techniques"

Although I've just began my Superbrain Quest I can tell that it's going to make a life forever change in my life forever. The more I think about how I listen to the voice in my mind telling me that I'm not smart enough, the more this Quest is going to prove it and those who said I wasn't wro...
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sydney pennix


Greensboro, United States


"I am motivated to discover my learning progressions"

I am not sure if this is the end result yet. However, I do not pay much attention to why I never break the deadlock of idling my progress. After some Jim Kwik's emotions opening delivery. I am motivated to discover my learning progressions. I don't feel much difference yet, but I am surprise...
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Alfonso Bibi Cordero


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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