"My goal is to remember people, places, events"

"My goal is to remember people, places, events"

I’ve always had trouble remembering people places and things. I have a very strong technical skillset but it takes me several times Practice to learn something. As a result, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of the life memories that I’ve had. My goal is to remember people, places, events. I want to remember the consequential and seemingly inconsequential events in my life to be in more fully present and rounded person.

Mardis B

Creative Director

San Francisco, United States

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"This is a lifechanger"

Wow. So motivated by this program I had a breakthrough in my first week. I focus on this powerful gift we have, memory. And boom 💥 magic is happening I can remember what i know would off been lost before. Also the way to take notes is so simple but so deep and effective.
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Charles Turpin

President, CEO

Gatineau, Canada


"I joined this program because I want to use my brain more efficiently"

Although throughout my university studies and continuous postgraduate courses I have achieved some learning skills, but I know that I could rewire my brain in order to use it more effectively.
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Marc Schmit

Radiologist, MD

Bridel, Luxembourg


"I truly experienced a tremendous amount of positive changes in my life"

It's been amazing since I discovered Mindvalley. I started my journey with improving my brain's functionality, and start awakening process & learning alot about myself and the Universe, to combine both internal strengths and outer strengths to build a better functioning person of myself. Ple...
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Jessie Chong

Founder of Boozeat.com

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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