"I look to increase my memory"

I was a trained memmory, but I dont no why, my memory wasnt good lately. The people see me as a leader e menthor, I have a trained memory most the time (sorry, becasue my english not so good, in Brazil we speak portuguese rsrsr) I look for increase memory and became to my brain a that goal make me happy

Aurelio Rodrigues


Maringá, Brazil

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Liam Mahony

Medical student

Warrnambool, Australia


"The reason I enrolled in this quest is that I want to improve my memory and my brain performance"

The reason I enrolled in this quest is that I want to improve my memory and my brain performance. I don't know why, but these days i am feeling that my brain is drastically decreasing.
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Sri Nandan Gondi


Guntur, India


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Rebeca Garcia


Berrien Spings, United States

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