"I am coming back stronger than ever."

Before this program (Keep in mind I am starting today), it was hard (Still is) to focus on one particular tasks.  I have forgotten what was it that made me successful in the military. How I used to complete tasks after tasks, and after more tasks. Somehow that disappeared. Granted, I do suffer from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and had seen my memory and mood deteriorated since the beginning of this century (Around 2001), but it was frustrating not knowing what was wrong. It took me until 2012 to finally seek help, and it was when I was diagnosed. I can actually say that already have seen improvement, from the easy way to remember the 10 keys to a SuperBrain (BKENPESPLStM) That's how I remember them, sorry, lol. To the new acronyms to help me arrive to my goal of helping my brain regain its lost glory. The first picture is the closest I can find to what my eyes said back then, basically lost. After retirement it hasn't been easy, you know, us Soldiers we tend to have a purpose and motivation and once it is taken from us, well, we tend to wonder for awhile until we find it again. The second picture shows me with friends, and brothers, and me basically more back to being me. Staying positive and trying to get that spark again. This course gives me hope that there is a chance, and after not knowing what was wrong, and finally knowing that there are tools to fix it, man oh man, look out. Because I am coming back stronger than ever. Thanks Jim and I can't wait to continue with day two.

Carlos A. Tirado-Herrera

Entrepreneur/Retired Veteran

Killeen, United States

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Juan Nunez

IT Project Manager

Somerset, United States


"Since starting Superbrain, I am taking back my brain space!"

At 53, life seems busier than ever. Before this program I had a better than average memory and clarity in my thinking but in the past few years, stress has gotten the better of me. I’ve been forgetful with simple things like paying bills and even peoples names which I’m usually very goo...
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Rhonda Valenti

Research Administrator

Medford, United States


"My memory is superb now and i am more confident"

Really I feel great now I could learn many new things which is going to help me in my entire life. My memory is superb now and I am more confident than what I was yesterday so thank you Jim for super brain coaching
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Khaleel Kulangaraveettil

Business man

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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